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What is a tongue tie?

Tongue-tie is a condition in which an unusually short, think or tight band of tissue (lingual frenulum) tethers the bottom of the tongue or tongue's tip to the floor of the mouth.

Does my baby have a tongue tie or lip tie?

Baby's symptoms Mother's symptoms
Frequent nursing Painful latch due to biting, cracked nipples
Colic, reflux, gassy infant Flattened, creased or flattened nipples
Failure to gain weight Bleeding nipples
Calloused or blistered upper or lower lip Failure to bond with baby leading to postpartum depression
Sliding off nipple, unable to sustain a latch Plugged ducts, mastitis, engorged ducts
Loud snoring, noisy sleep, restless sleep indicative of tongue obstructing airway  

What are the consequences of a tongue tie?

When a tongue tie is causing problems with breastfeeding, the baby often does not open his mouth widely, thus not latching on to the breast at the correct angle. Instead he may latch onto the nipple, and ‘gum’ or chew it, causing severe pain and eventually, nipple damage. Research shows that if the tongue tie is not corrected in the first year of life, it may pre-dispose the child to develop speech problems later on in life, unable to clearly say “L”, “R”, “S”, “M”, “N” sounds and also possibly develop sleep apnea due to low tongue rest position.



  • After tons of research we chose to go here for our twelve week old daughter to get her tongue and lip tie revised. Talk about a nervous wreck! Despite her crying as soon as we walked in the door (due to her reflux issues) they were so great and patient and explaining everything! They even sent home a well packet for exercises along with instructions which make it super easy to go through and explain at home. The procedure was super quick and already making a huge difference! Their staff was super nice and helpful and not to mention patient with us! I felt their prices were fair considering our insurance doesn’t cover the procedure. Would recommend to any and everyone who is going through something similar.

  • My daughter was evaluated and treated by Dr. Ramiswami at a week and a half old for a lip and tongue tie. I was scared and unbelievably sad that my child needed to have these clipped in order to assist with nursing. Dr. Ramiswami was understanding, empathetic, extremely knowlegeable, and took such good care of my daughter and me as a new worried Mom, even checking in on us via text. I would highly recommend this practice, and we will be going back for her regular dental care.

  • We recently visited to have our 2 week old daughter in for a revision to her tongue and upper lip. The staff was so professional and kind and was able to get us in ASAP. Dr Ramaswami took the time to present her case to us and answer all of our questions. We are so so thankful and would recommend Dr Ramaswami and Discover Smiles Pediatric Dentistry without reservation.

  • We took our 8 week old for a lip and tongue tie revision with Dr. Ramaswami and were so pleased with both her and her entire staff. After our pediatrician and a lactation consultant didn't seem to think my son's feeding issues were that big of an issue - it took him 90 minutes to feed and he regularly fell asleep while eating bc it was so tiring for him- we are so happy we did our own research and requested a referral to a pediatric dentist. We were very lucky to have Dr. Ramaswami recommended to us. Her experience with lip and tongue ties was awesome and she recognized right away that his ties were actually very thick and needed revision. She was extremely thorough in explaining the procedure and aftercare and even recommended follow up with a lactation consultant to help my son acclimate to his new mouth. The impact has been LIFE CHANGING!!! 3 weeks later my baby is eating in 30 minutes, is much more alert throughout the day and gaining weight like a champ. We are so thankful! Both Dr. Ramaswami and everyone we encountered in the office were great, and we plan on continuing to take our son to see her as he grows.

  • We went to Dr. Ramaswami based on her knowledge of tongue and lip ties as we suspected our boys had at least one. She was so thorough and educational in her consult, I learned so much! Will be going back actually for another visit!