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Google Reviews

“Dr. Ramaswami is the most supportive and compassionate child professional I have ever met. She performed lip and tongue-tie releases on both of my sons, my youngest at only four days old, and they were given spectacular care. I said to friends of mine that she is like having a mom friend there to cheer you on and support you afterward. She is very pro-breastfeeding and made sure to stop and see that both were able to latch and transfer milk effectively. I was able to nurse my first pain-free for three years and am still going strong with my 11-month-old. The staff is amazing with children as they age and my older son doesn’t even mind going to the dentist! We will be lifelong patients for sure.”

— Melissa Ball

“Would absolutely recommend this practice to any family. I first discovered their office while on my breastfeeding journey with my youngest. They verified he had a lip and tongue-tie and were able to do a successful revision of both. The staff and doctor are friendly and patient with our children, including our oldest who has autism. So far, he has done really well at all visits and we have had nothing but great experiences there.”

— Alexandria McGoron

“We took our son here for his first dentist appointment and we had a great experience! We went to the back right away and everyone we interacted with was super nice. We got a lot of good advice and they were super quick with the cleaning with minimal fussing.”

— Monica Hamaker

Facebook Reviews

“I have an anxious kiddo who had a LOT of dental work to be done. Dr. ‘Neeru’ and her staff are absolutely amazing. She talked to my daughter through the entire procedure, used her name, listened to her concerns, and built trust and treated her as if she was her own. I cannot explain in words how much this meant to me as a mother and I recommend this practice to anyone looking for a A+++ pediatric dental service.”

— Ashley Rose

“Wonderful experience taking our newborn there! Super professional, informative, and compassionate! Will be going there for all our pediatric dental, lip, and tongue-tie needs!”

— Mikki Henderson

“Amazing place for kids with sensory disorders and special needs! They have been amazing for my son! Thank you!”

— Mackenzie Visger-Foster

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