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What is Tongue-Tie?

Tongue-tie is a medical condition, also known as ankyloglossia, in which the thin membrane of tissue connecting the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth (frenulum) is shorter than normal. This can restrict movement of the tongue and cause difficulty with breastfeeding, eating, or speaking. In some cases, it may even affect a child’s overall health which is why we recommend consulting with our pediatric dentists in Okemos, MI.

One of the most common symptoms of tongue-tie is difficulty breastfeeding due to poor latch-on and slow weight gain in babies. Other signs include clicking noises while nursing, lip blisters, as well as problems with speech development.

How the Michigan Tongue-Tie & Airway Center Can Help

Dr. Neeru Ramaswami is a board-certified pediatric dentist and is also certified by the Academy of Laser Dentistry. As a pediatric dentist, she has advanced training in dental and orofacial development for children of all ages. Dr. Ramaswami performs laser tongue and lip-tie release surgery, which is typically a blood-free and painless procedure easily accomplished in the office WITHOUT the need for general anesthesia. Contact our office if you believe your child may be lip or tongue tied.

Greater Lansing Tongue Tie Pediatric Dentists

Why Choose the Michigan Tongue-Tie & Airway Center?

Education-based approach to make the best decision for you and your child

Our pediatric dentists use a CO2 laser which offers a painless and fast procedure, typically about 30 seconds for infants

Award-winning pediatric dental practice

Meet Dr. Neeru Ramaswami

Dr. Ramaswami has a special interest in infant oral health, and in treating children with special health care needs, and has served on the Michigan Department of Public Health Strategic Planning Commission for children with special health needs. She is also passionate about promoting breastfeeding awareness and helps many infants, children, and families by performing laser tongue tie releases.

Her advocacy efforts for underprivileged children and work with her medical colleagues were recognized with the Child Health Care Provider Award in 2008 to honor her work as an outstanding child advocate in Genesee County.

Tongue Tie Dentist Neeru Ramaswami DDS

Does Your Infant Show Any of These Symptoms?

Poor Weight Gain

Noisy Suckling or Clicking

Reflux or Colic Symptoms

Gas Pain

If so, you should schedule a consultation.

We’re Kid-Approved

Pediatric Tongue Tie Dentist Greater Lansing Mi

They are excellent!

“Courteous staff and “kid-centric” environment for children. Excellent combination for a stress-free visit!” – W. Middlebrooks

Pediatric Tongue Tie Dentist Greater Lansing Mi

We love this place and feel lucky to have found it!

“Absolutely amazing experience, great staff, friendly and awesome service/communication.” – A. Wrubel

Pediatric Tongue Tie Dentist Greater Lansing Mi

The best experience I’ve had in health care.

“The best customer service, all the staff makes eye contact and say “hi” to you. They have a very professional team that knows how to make a child comfortable throughout the visit. Honestly this was the best experience I have had in health care so far.” – A. Nkurikiyinka

Pediatric Tongue Tie Dentist Greater Lansing Mi

I can’t recommend them enough.

“Dr. Ramaswami was amazing to work with. She put my momma heart at ease and took amazing care of my baby during a tongue and lip-tie release. She is great at what she does and happily answers any questions you have. I cannot recommend her enough.” – N. Zolnierek

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Pediatric Tongue Tie Dentist Greater Lansing

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